You need to have NTC rating to register in our tennis programs. Please inquire if you need NTC rating.


10 and Under Tennis - Please see Summer Camps for detail

Our 10 and Under Tennis Programs (TAUT) introduce tennis to children based on age, physical size and ability. By modifying the court dimensions (36’or 60’ in length), equipment (appropriately sized tennis racquets and red, orange or green balls), net height and scoring system, coupled with a play component, children develop better technical and point playing skills. Please visit for more information about how we fit tennis to kids.


Mommy and Me (Ages 3-4 years, Adult/Child): 1-hour program on weekends

Interactive adult and child playtime introducing the fundamentals of tennis in a game-based environment. Agility, balance, and coordination are developed through fun activities and games. Use of Red Foam and Felt Balls on 36’ Red Court. 


Red (Ages 4-5 years; NTC rating QSTFT): Activities are focused on developing the ABCs (agility, balance, and coordination), all while forming the skills necessary to serve, rally, and score. Use of Red Foam and Felt Balls on 36’ Red Court. Offered as 1-hour or 1½-hour programs. 

Red PLUS (Ages 6-8 years; NTC rating QS1): Introduction to various spins on both Forehand and Backhand strokes and the different grips used. Ability to intentionally place the ball in open spaces is crucial before graduating to the next level. Typically, this is the developmental stage with the greatest duration. Red Felt Balls on 36’ Red Court. Offered as 1½-hour programs.


Orange (Ages 8-10 years; NTC rating QS2): Players utilize control, spin, and positioning to their advantage while also being able to consistently rally and cooperate with a partner. The ability to maintain proper technique during points and proficiency on serve is a necessity before graduating to the next level. Orange Balls on 60’ Orange Court.Offered as 1½-hour programs.  
Orange PLUS (Ages 8-10 years; NTC rating QS3): This next Orange level includes a large element of competition and point play focus. Orange Balls on 60’ Orange Court. Offered as 1½-hour programs.


Green (Ages 8-10 years; NTC rating QSMO): Players are beginning to determine their style of play and how it matches up with other styles. This class will incorporate both singles and doubles strategy and play. Players should be introduced to 10U Tournaments. Orange Balls on 60’ Orange Court and Green Balls on 78’ Green Court. Offered as 1½-hour programs.
10U Academy and Feed the Feeder (Ages 8-10 years; NTC rating QSTP): At this stage of the development pathway, players have chosen tennis as a primary sport and are actively and regularly participating in 10U tournaments. Players are now working on developing weapons in their game and implementing more advanced patterns of play. Green Balls on 78’ Green Court. Recommended at least 2 days a week at this level. Offered as a 2-hour class with ½ hour of built-in strength and conditioning. Feed the Feeder - working in conjunction with NTC Feeder Program, this program is an invitation-only development Pathway for those 10 and Under players hoping to become a part of the Feeder program.