You need to have NTC rating to register in our tennis programs. Please inquire if you need NTC rating.


Junior Development

Our Junior Development Pathway is dedicated to serve players who are new to tennis or who need to further develop their skills in order to move into other pathways or aspire to play recreationally. Through a variety of game-based and cooperative activities, players will learn the fundamental skills needed to continue to progress as they gain additional experience.  

The classes offered in this Pathway include:

  • New to tennis - NTC Youth, NTC Pre-Teen, NTC Teens
  • JD Pre-Teens (Ages: 11-12) - JD Pre-Teens, JD Pre-Teens Plus, JD Pre-Teens Elite
  • JD Teens (Ages: 13-17) - JD Teens, JD Teens Plus, JD Teens Elite

For a complete description of the classes within this Pathway is available here.

Information and registration coming soon.