You need to have NTC rating to register in our tennis programs. Please inquire if you need NTC rating.


Junior Development - Online registration is now available

In-person/mail-in registration starts November 28.

Tennis, the sport for a lifetime, is for everyone. We have programs and certified instructors that teach the game to all ability levels – we offer instruction for the player who has never held a racquet to top-flight USTA Player Development-level talent. 
Our Junior Development and High School (HS) Junior Development classes provide group instruction to students between the ages of 10-17 at all levels of play. Areas of emphasis include Technique, Tactics and Strategy, Fitness, and fun. 

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Beginners (RED: NTC rating 1.0 - 1.5)

Players are introduced to the fundamentals of tennis through drills and play-based activities.
JR Red for ages 9-2 
HS Red for ages 13-17

Advanced Beginner (GREEN: NTC rating 2.0) 

Players have limited on-court experience and are still developing their basic tennis strokes. They are working to improve consistency in rallying the ball over the net.  Players engage in a variety of play-based activities to help them develop playing strategies.
JR Green for ages 10-12
HS Green for ages 13-17

Low Intermediate (Blue: NTC rating 2.5)

Players continue to perfect basic tennis skills. They are introduced to the tennis game format and scoring, and they begin to develop an understanding of the game. Overhead serves and game-based drills are a focal point at this level. HS Blue class is offered with special Sports Conditioning which will measure player’s endurance, balance, strength, speed and agility.
JR Blue for ages 10-12
HS Blue for ages 13-17

Intermediate (Bronze: NTC rating 3.0) - See Academy 3.0

Players have developed an overall game. They are starting to understand basic tactical and strategic approaches to match play. This level is part of Competitive Training – Tennis Academy. Please refer to Tennis Academy for more detail. 

Tennis Slam Fridays

Tennis Slam Fridays are offered to students with NTC rating 2.5 and up. The competition from 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm with points accumulated weekly towards winning the Tennis Slam. Enroll in two 1.5 hour programs and Tennis Slam Fridays are *Free. 
*To receive free “Tennis Slam” Fridays, in-person registration required. Space is limited.

Tennis Slam Fridays schedule and registration form