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Transition Pathway

Our Transition Pathway focuses on players who are either transitioning into yellow balls and/or aspiring to become competitive tournament players. While further emphasizing fundamentals, work ethic, overall ball control, players will learn the necessary skills needed to be able to successfully be introduced to local and sectional competition. The classes offered in this Pathway include:
  • Feed the Feeder (Ages: 9-12)
  • Academy Pre-Teens (Ages: 11-12)
  • Academy Teens (Ages: 13-17)
  • Academy Teens Plus (Ages: 13-17)
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High-Performance Pathway

Our High-Performance Pathway follows the USTA Player Development coaching philosophy and concepts that are instrumental in long-term development of outstanding players. Our goal is to help players develop tournament mentality backed by solid parameters, fitness and strategic thinking. By providing an environment conducive to personal excellence and a progression-based teaching methodology, our program focuses on developing and attracting serious junior tournament players with high aspirations, such as college tennis and beyond. The classes offered in this Pathway include:
  • Feed the Feeder Plus
  • Feeder Youth
  • Feeder Teens
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