Mommy And Me (Age:3-4) Level: MAM

Interactive adult and child playtime that introduces fundamental athletic and movement skills for tennis and all sports. Parents/Adults bring your tennis shoes we want you to join in the fun on court! Use of red felt, red foam, and alternative balls on 36 ft. court. Racquet size: 17-19 inches. Class length: 60 minutes on-court.

Red (Age:4-7) Level: Red

Focus is on developing the ABCs (agility, balance and coordination) and introducing tennis FUNdamentals. Through engaging activities, players will develop skills needed to get them ready to rally! Use of red felt, red foam and alternative balls on 36 ft. court. Racquet size: 19-21 inches. Class length: 60-90 minutes on-court.

Red Plus (9 And Under) Level: Red Plus

Players continue to develop overall athletic abilities and tennis specific skills. Engaging partner activities and games are designed to build a player's foundation in all the basic tennis strokes. Basic rallying, serving, and scoring skills are introduced. Players will be grouped by age/ability within each program. Use of red felt and red foam balls on 36 ft. court. Racquet size: 19-23 inches. Class length: 90 minutes on-court.

Red Elite (9 And Under) Level: Red Elite

For players who are exceling with basic rally, serving and scoring. This class puts additional emphasis on technical development while further improving accuracy, spins and basic tactics. This class will introduce orange balls and the 60 ft. court as a way to transition the players into the next level. Participation in this class is not mandatory to move to Orange class, as not all Red Plus players will qualify for the Red Elite group. Use of red felt, on 36 ft. court, and orange balls, on 60 ft. court. Players are encouraged to participate in Play Days and Match Play. Racquet size: 19-25 inches. Class length: 90 minutes on-court.